Protect Your Rights And Your Future

We understand that facing criminal charges is daunting for many people. Your freedom and future are on the line. A criminal conviction can lead to jail time, steep fines, difficulty finding a job and other negative effects.

The attorneys of Bowman, Smith & Kallen P.L.L.C., bring more than 100 years' combined experience in criminal law to cases involving federal charges, state charges and even capital crimes in Arizona.

Experienced Defense Against Any Charge

If you are facing serious charges, you need an experienced team in your corner. Firm founder Wm. Michael Smith started the practice after several years as Yuma County Attorney. Using this knowledge of the way the government prosecutes major crimes, he embarked on a more than 45-year career providing defense against capital murder charges and major felonies.

Bowman, Smith & Kallen, P.L.L.C., provides comprehensive defense strategies against a variety of criminal charges, including:

  • Drug crimes, such as drug trafficking, smuggling and personal possession
  • Capital crimes

No matter the charge, we are here to listen to your side of the story. Having a dedicated defense attorney on your side is the first step in protecting your future. We can help reduce the severity of the impact these charges will have or, in some cases, clear you completely.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation

We offer free initial consultations, where you can discuss the details of your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Additionally, we represent clients in personal injury cases.

For our clients' convenience, we accept credit cards and other payment plans. To schedule an appointment, call our office in Yuma at 928-783-8879 or contact the firm online.

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